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Schools don’t teach you how to communicate properly; it comes with experience. Speaking with such honesty and fearlessness on the other hand can require much more courage and effort for some; efforts that are sometimes responded to with respect or rewarded with recognition. Confidence and transparency are huge assets especially if intentions are in the right place. I see people all the time holding their own. I’m talking about the ones who hold meetings, controlling the tone and the pace. Keeners who constantly raise their hands or speak up with their endless ideas, answers, and opinions, beating others to the…

Many people look at job-hunting as an action you only do when needing a job when in fact there are benefits to applying to job posts regardless if you need one or not, or applying even if the job might not sound like the perfect fit. Obviously, it makes sense to do this if the job is within your line of work or if it’s a job alternative you might’ve considered. I’m not saying to apply for the sake of applying, but there may be some use or advantages you’re overlooking.

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Has a job posting ever rubbed you off the…

Life balance with prioritization, accountability, and action

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Your time investment represents what’s most important to you.

So many people, including myself, repeatedly say we have absolutely no time to accomplish certain things when the truth is we invest our time in what’s most important to us. Whether it be our family, our friends, our health, our career, movies, TV shows, or our hobbies. Our time is our choice.

Success is what you make it

Career Woes

Ambition. You’ve had it since your college years; maybe even during your high school years. More than a decade later in your career, you look back and it isn’t anywhere near where you pictured yourself to be. Does this sound familiar?

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Do you. This is what I tend to remind myself of. Comparing one's career to another can easily be misleading; it makes no sense. You would really have to know the other person to make some sort of accurate comparison. Everyone has their own path. Everyone has different experiences. Everyone defines success differently. Your definition of success can and…

Earl Cabuhat

I’m a Canadian based Motion Designer. Communication through writing helps me provide clarity in what I'm really trying to say.

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